San Diego Backflow Testing Services

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Who Does Backflow Testing Near Me?

ABP Backflow provides services throughout the San Diego area. Our team of experts have the experience to ensure you stay compliant with local laws and regulations. We strongly recommend setting up a recurring yearly backflow testing schedule for your convenience and peace of mind. Back


Do I Need to Worry About Backflow Testing?

Backflow systems are installed on commercial and residential property in San Diego, even if your home uses well water. Backflow Prevention testing helps to ensure that your system is in proper working order, and catches any problems before they can cause severe issues.

Backflow problems are often caused by small holes and cracks which are difficult to detect until it’s too late. Backflow systems are designed to prevent contamination of potable water sources such as wells and drinking water lines by protecting against cross-contamination from non-potable sources.


How Often is Backflow Testing Required in San Diego

Backflow Testing is typically required annually, or whenever there have been changes in product lines or plumbing procedures that may affect the pipes leading into your property or surrounding area. Backflow testing is also recommended annually for all businesses that have backflow preventers, as they may need to be replaced more often than homes. Some municipalities require backflow testing every two years, and backflow prevention systems must be tested every six months by qualified backflow prevention specialists in San Diego.

Contact our team of today about setting up your backflow testing schedule to ensure your equipment stays compliant, in proper working order, and your repair costs stay low.